Know Your Fertility

Get pregnant naturally. Avoid pregnancy naturally.


 A new free web app is a tool for tracking your cycle.  It will teach you about your own fertility, allow you to predict menstruation in advance even in irregular cycles, monitor your health, hormones, and emotions.

The link to the app: 

Because the app is not on the app store, an app icon does not immediately show up on your home screen when you go to the link. I did not put the app on the app store because I wanted the app to work on all phones.  But here is how to get the app icon:

To save the fertility icon to your home screen:  When using Google Crome browser: download the app. Create a log-in password and account. Look in the upper right hand corner for 3 little dots stacked vertically. Click on the dots. You will see some choices. Click on Options. Then click on Add to Home Screen.  This should get you a blue water drop symbol with Fertility written underneath it.

When using Safari: Download the app. Create a password and log in. Look in the upper right hand corner for a box with an upward-facing arrow.  Click the box. You will see various options. Click on Add to Home Screen.  You should now have a blue water drop icon with Fertility written underneath it on your home screen.

Marie Zenack has been a teacher of natural birth control for over thirty years. She has taught globally – from China, to Indonesia, to the Dominican Republic to Mexico, as well as in the US. She is a mother and grandmother.She uses the downloads below in her  teachings and they are provided free of charge to those who want to learn or teach a natural method of family planning.

You may contact Marie at


F e r t i l i t y A w a r e n e s s UpdateCoverFertility Awareness, Avoiding Pregnancy or Achieving Pregnancy without Chemicals or Devices   by Marie Zenack

Do you want to know how your fertility works? Conceive a child? Avoid conception?

Fertility Awareness is step by step guide for the couple who wants to manage their own fertility, Fertility Awareness gives clear information on how to recognize, interpret, and chart the natural signs of fertility of the woman’s reproductive cycle. Knowing this information frees a couple to avoid or achieve pregnancy without dependence on drugs or devices.

Fertility Awareness teaches the three most easily recognized signs of fertility – basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and changes in cervix – and includes information on how to chart the signs of fertility in special circumstances, such as during breastfeeding or while discontinuing artificial methods.

Control Natural de la Natalidad – Download en Espanol

Teaching Family Planning Naturally

Step by Step, Cycle by Cycle – The Billings Ovulation Method
by Dr. Francesca Kearns and Denis L. St. Marie

Are you teaching or making teachers of natural family planning? Step by Step is a simple, tested way of teaching family planning using only the fertile mucus as fertility sign.  This booklet contains the information needed to train teachers of the Ovulation Method (mucus only method) of natural family planning (natural birth control). Appropriate for any culture.

This method of training natural birth control teachers has been used with very good success in World Health Organization projects, as well as a variety of other projects, in many parts of the world.

Paso a Paso by Dr. Francesca Kearns and Denis L. St. Marie

¿ Están enseñando la planificación familiar natural, or están haciendo maestros de la planificaíon familiar natural? Descarga grátis.

Este folleto es una guía simplificada a la enseñanza del Método de la Ovulación Billings, método de la planificación natural de la familia. Es un regalo a todos que quieran usarlo.