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Signs of Fertility in a Woman’s Body

on March 8, 2013

WomanOnMoonObservation of your fertile type mucus is the most user-friendly and culturally acceptable fertility indicator. If you are achieving pregnancy, the mucus is your best friend. If you are avoiding pregnancy, I recommend that you also learn to recognize other fertility indicators. Download out my free ebook.

Charting the mucus for info only lets you know in advance when you will begin your next menstruation. No more being caught by surprise! Although each woman is different, the time between the day of ovulation and the next menstruation is about 11 – 16 days. After charting for a few cycles, you will know how long this time is for you.

The mucus lets us know that an ovum is maturing and is about to be released into the fallopian tube. We notice it outside the vagina during our normal daily activity – such as when we go to the bathroom. At first we may confuse the fertile wetness with vaginal secretions. Vaginal secretions are part of the vagina’s normal self-cleansing process and do not indicate fertility. Fertile type mucus is produced by the cervix during the fertile time of the cycle. It is different from vaginal secretions.

If you observe and chart for a cycle, you may see how clearly your body signals your fertility. It may give you a feeling that your body is on your side, and not trying to trick you into conceiving.

Or, you may end up feeling unsure of what you are observing. In that case, keep studying the ebook mentioned above, and keep observing and keeping a chart.

Charting the Mucus Sign

1) Menstruation: Chart bleeding for all bleeding.

2) Dry Days: Chart dry on the days when you feel nothing and see nothing outside the vagina. Dry means nothing seen and nothing felt.

3) Mucus Days: Chart mucus if you feel or see something (anything) outside the vagina. You may observe something sticky, pasty, creamy, or just a wet feeling.

4) Slippery Wet days: Chart slippery if you feel a slippery feeling, even if there is no mucus visible. Slippery is an indication of the rise of estrogen. It means that the ovum is about to be released.

5) Key Day: Key Day is the last day of any slippery mucus or slippery feeling. It is the most fertile day and is probably the day of ovulation.

Knowing the signs of fertility will give you a feeling of empowerment and participation in all the cycles of Nature.

Enjoy,  Marie

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