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Fertility App in French!

L’ App Fertilité est maintenant disponible en français! http://app.knowyourfertility.netest un outil gratuit pour vous permettre de suivre votre cycle. L’App vous aidera à comprendre votre propre fertilité, vous permettra de prédire la menstruation à l’avance, même dans des cycles irréguliers, de même que de surveiller votre santé,vos hormones et vos émotions.

Le lien à l’App:

Parce que l’App n’est pas dans un   magasin d’applications , une icône d’application n’apparaît pas automatiquement sur votre écran d’accueil lorsque vous visitez le lien. Je n’ai pas mis l’application sur un magasin d’applications parce que je voulais que l’application fonctionne sur tous les téléphones, à l’intérieur d’un navigateur. Mais voici comment obtenir l’icône de l’application sur votre écran d’accueil:

Vous pouvez installer l’icône de l’App Fertilité sur votre écran d’accueil de la façon suivante: Lorsque vous utilisez le navigateur Google Chrome: télécharger l’App. Créez un mot de passe et un compte. Regardez dans le coin supérieur droit où vous trouverez 3 petits points empilés verticalement. Cliquez sur les 3 petits points. Vous verrez des choix. Cliquez sur Options. Ensuite, cliquez sur “Ajouter à l’écran d’accueil”. Cela devrait vous permettre d’installer une icône représentant une goutte d’eau bleue avec le mot “Fertilité” écrit en dessous.

Lorsque vous utilisez le navigateur Safari: Télécharger l’App. Créez un mot de passe et un compte. Regardez dans le coin supérieur droit où vous trouverez une boîte avec une flèche orientée vers le haut. Cliquez sur la boîte. Vous verrez différentes options. Cliquez sur “Ajouter à l’écran d’accueil”. Vous devriez maintenant avoir une icône représentant une goutte d’eau bleue avec le mot “Fertilité” écrit en dessous, sur votre écran d’accueil.

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The Fertility App Symbol on your Phone  is the easy-to-use app that allows us to chart

I have had requests for an app symbol to access the app easily from the home screen of phone or tablet.  Because the app is not on the app store, an app symbol does not immediately show up on your home screen when you go to the link. I did not put the app on the app store because I wanted the app to work on all phones.  But here is how to get the symbol:
To save the Fertility icon to your home screen:

When using Google Crome browser: download the app from the link above. Look in the upper right hand corner for 3 little dots stacked vertically. Click on the dots. You will see some choices. Click on Options. Then click on Add to Home Screen.  This should put the symbol on your home screen – a blue drop with Fertility written underneath.

When using Safari: Download the app from the above link. Look in the upper right hand corner for a box with an upward-facing arrow.  Click the box. You will see various options. Click on Add to Home Screen.  You should now have a blue water drop symbol with Fertility written underneath it.


You may contact Marie at

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Fertility App in Spanish or English

FERTILITY App is now available in Both English or Spanish.

LA APP, FERTILIDAD, ES AHORA EN ESPANOL O INGLES. Haga clic en Adjustes y seleccione Inglés o Español. (Se añadirán más idiomas.) Usando el app, puede conocer a sus períodos fértiles, predecir con exactitud la menstruación, y llegar a saber sus hormonas, emociones y salud.

Click on Settings and choose English or Spanish. (We will be adding more languages.) Using the app, you can get to know your fertile times, accurately predict menstruation, and monitor your hormones, emotions, and health.

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Dissolving Tumors with Castor Oil

The hardest thing about self healing may be the necessary switch of  allegiance from the medical establishment to natural remedies and our own intuition.  If you can, or have already, made that switch, you will learn to treasure the following simple, although messy, remedy that will protect your loved ones from tumors of all kinds.

Over the years I have seen this remedy work for myself, my friends, and my daughters.  It gives me peace of mind that it will be passed on to my grand daughters.

In Spanish, castor oil is called “The Hand of Christ.” Once you become familiar with it, you will understand why. So here is how to use a pack of castor oil to dissolve tumors:

It will be best if you take on the task of making and applying the castor oil pack for your loved one – at least the first time.

  1. Have your “client” sit or lie down comfortably.  Let’s say the tumor is on the breast.
  2. Make sure to have your client sit or lie on a towel or a water-proof sheet to protect your furniture. Also make sure they are wearing old clothes. Even though you are careful,  some of the castor oil will certainly escape to unintended places.
  3. Cut a piece of old towel large enough to cover the breast and the area around the breast – liver area, lymph tissue under arm, etc.
  4. Saturate the cloth with castor oil and heat the castor oil-soaked cloth on a skillet.  Turn it over with tongs until it is very warm but not enough to burn.  Feel it carefully. The cloth should be warm and soggy, but not dripping.
  5. Carefully lay the cloth over the tumor and surrounding area, being careful the temperature is comfortable for the client.
  6. Place a piece of plastic over the warm cloth. I usually cut up a plastic bag for this purpose.
  7. Over the plastic, place a heating pad. Over the  heating pad, place a thick towel to hold in the heat.
  8. Now, both of you relax, and have a cup of tea and chat, etc. You will want to keep the pack on the site for an hour. The new heating pads have a safety shut-off at 15 – 20 minutes. Therefore you will need to turn the heating pad off and on a few times to keep it warm/hot for the full hour.
  9. The above procedure should be repeated daily until the tumor is dissolved.  I have seen breast tumors dissolve in 10 days, and huge uterine fibroids shrink to half size in two months.
  10. Tips:  Frankincense essential oil is reputed to have tumor dissolving qualities, and so some women like to rub a drop of Frankincense oil on the tumor before beginning the castor oil pack treatment.
  11. According to herbalists, tumors indicate a lack of potassium.  Tell your client eat their greens! A green supplement is also a good idea – alfalfa or barley powder. Swanson’s has a concentrated coconut water that is a potassium supplement. It tastes pretty good when added to juice or regular coconut water.
  12. While chatting with your client, make sure you take care of any unanswered questions about her body.  Make sure she knows you love her.
  13. Thanks for being the Wise Woman in your family and community.


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New Free Web App – Fertility

New free web app!

RaindropI am very excited to announce the launch of our new free web app – Fertility –  to track your cycle.  Learn about your fertility, predict menstruation in advance, even in irregular cycles, monitor health, hormones, and emotions. Click here to try it out for yourself! 

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Getting Pregnant Naturally

First, relax and breath.  Some questions:  Have you been on hormonal birth control?  If so, how long has it been since discontinuing it?  Depending on the method used, it can take from 6 months to 2 years for fertility to return.  Be patient.

Since hormonal contraception interferes with the natural flow of hormones, I recommend a good herbal fertility combination.  Here is one I like:  In addition, since hormonal methods stress the liver, I also recommend taking as well.  Of course, even if you have never used hormonal birth control, herbal formulas for the female reproductive system are still recommended.  These two, female formula and liver formula, are also very good:

For your diet, choose foods grown without chemicals.  Eat healthy fats:  butter, coconut oil, coconut oil, cod liver oil/butter oil from Eat green, leafy vegetables, pasture-raised eggs, meat, bone broth. All grains should be soaked for about 8 hours before cooking to improve digestibility.

Keep a chart of your signs of fertility as discussed on, in the free download called, Fertility Awareness.  If you do not conceive in the first few cycles, continue observing and charting your signs of fertility, but add the following:

Castor oil pack over abdomen 3 – 4 times weekly.  To make a castor oil pack, cut a piece of old terry cloth big enough to cover lower abdomen.  Place cloth on pan or griddle and warm on stove, soaking cloth with castor oil. Leave on heat until very warm but not hot enough to burn.  Place castor oil soaked cloth on lower abdomen, cover with a piece of plastic, and lie down to rest for about an hour with hot water bottle or heating pad over castor oil pack.  Repeat 3 – 4 times weekly.  Do not underestimate castor oil pack.  In Spanish it is called “Hand of Christ.”  I have known women to dissolve tumors, ovarian cysts, and open clogged fallopian tubes with castor oil packs.

On the off days, when not doing a castor oil pack, massage the lower abdomen deeply but gently for as long as is comfortable. After the abdominal massage, massage the feet, especially the big toe on each foot. The reflexology point for the pituitary is on the big toe.  The pituitary is the beginning of the cycle of ovulation.

Speak to the child that you are inviting. Send her/him love. Be grateful for everything you have.

Let me know if you have questions on the above.

Many Blessings,  Marie


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Signs of Fertility in a Woman’s Body

WomanOnMoonObservation of your fertile type mucus is the most user-friendly and culturally acceptable fertility indicator. If you are achieving pregnancy, the mucus is your best friend. If you are avoiding pregnancy, I recommend that you also learn to recognize other fertility indicators. Download out my free ebook.

Charting the mucus for info only lets you know in advance when you will begin your next menstruation. No more being caught by surprise! Although each woman is different, the time between the day of ovulation and the next menstruation is about 11 – 16 days. After charting for a few cycles, you will know how long this time is for you.

The mucus lets us know that an ovum is maturing and is about to be released into the fallopian tube. We notice it outside the vagina during our normal daily activity – such as when we go to the bathroom. At first we may confuse the fertile wetness with vaginal secretions. Vaginal secretions are part of the vagina’s normal self-cleansing process and do not indicate fertility. Fertile type mucus is produced by the cervix during the fertile time of the cycle. It is different from vaginal secretions.

If you observe and chart for a cycle, you may see how clearly your body signals your fertility. It may give you a feeling that your body is on your side, and not trying to trick you into conceiving.

Or, you may end up feeling unsure of what you are observing. In that case, keep studying the ebook mentioned above, and keep observing and keeping a chart.

Charting the Mucus Sign

1) Menstruation: Chart bleeding for all bleeding.

2) Dry Days: Chart dry on the days when you feel nothing and see nothing outside the vagina. Dry means nothing seen and nothing felt.

3) Mucus Days: Chart mucus if you feel or see something (anything) outside the vagina. You may observe something sticky, pasty, creamy, or just a wet feeling.

4) Slippery Wet days: Chart slippery if you feel a slippery feeling, even if there is no mucus visible. Slippery is an indication of the rise of estrogen. It means that the ovum is about to be released.

5) Key Day: Key Day is the last day of any slippery mucus or slippery feeling. It is the most fertile day and is probably the day of ovulation.

Knowing the signs of fertility will give you a feeling of empowerment and participation in all the cycles of Nature.

Enjoy,  Marie

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Nature’s User-friendly Fertility Test

Fertility CalendarNoticing the fertile-type mucus (cervical mucus) is the easiest way to know when you are fertile, since it is noticed in the course of daily activity.

Fertile mucus is produced by the cervix during the days when the ova are maturing and preparing for ovulation, even if your cycles are irregular. This mucus is not only an indicator of fertility, but is also essential for fertility – since it nourishes the sperm, protects them from the natural acidity of the vagina, and guides them toward the ovum.

Here’s how to observe and chart your fertile type mucus – without buying tests or gadgets:

Pay attention to how you feel as you go about your daily activities. Just as you have learned to notice a certain wetness at menstruation, you will begin to notice a second wet time later in the cycle, a wet time without bleeding. The second wet time is caused by your fertile type mucus.

Each time you use the toilet, wipe with toilet paper both before and after you use the toilet, noticing: a) the sensation you feel as you wipe with toilet paper, b) what is on the toilet paper. If you do not use toilet paper in your culture, whatever way you clean yourself after using the toilet will be the way that you observe the mucus. Chart what you see and what you feel in any way that makes sense to you. Here is one way to chart.

1) Menstruation: mark the days of bleeding in some way, such as coloring the calendar day red.

2) Nothing: if you don’t see or feel anything outside your vagina, you can leave the calendar blank on those days.

3) Something: but if you see or feel something – anything – such as pasty or sticky mucus, or a feeling of wetness – draw a raindrop on these days.

4) Slippery something: If the pasty or sticky mucus turns to slippery mucus or a slippery feeling, color the raindrop dark to indicate the slippery wetness. A slippery sensation at the vaginal opening indicates a rise in estrogen and the approach – probably – of ovulation.

After a few slippery wet days, the mucus may disappear or return to sticky or pasty. When it does, mark the LAST DAY of slippery wet mucus as the KEY DAY, and begin to count the days when no mucus is noticed, or the mucus is no longer slippery. In a fertile cycle, the time between the last day of slippery mucus or slippery feeling and the next menstruation is between 11-16 days. You will become quite accurate about your predictions after you chart for a few cycles.

The slippery mucus time is your most fertile time, since fertile is produced during the days leading up to and including ovulation. If you are trying to conceive, use the wet, slippery days for sexual relations. (Don’t try to use this information for birth control – avoiding pregnancy – unless you seek out a qualified teacher of fertility awareness or download and study the fertility awareness book on this site

Generally speaking, dark red bleeding for about three days indicates that hormones are high enough to build a good uterine lining and nourish a fetus in the event of conception. However, more than three days of dark red bleeding can be exhausting. I recommend two or three cups of red raspberry leaf tea daily to strengthen the uterus, prevent heavy bleeding and balance hormones.

Three to five days of wet, slippery mucus 11-14 days before the next menstruation is a probable indicator of ovulation and a fertile cycle. Cycles are often 28-30 days from the first day of bleeding to the first day of the bleeding of the next menstruation.

However, irregular cycles do not indicate infertility. If the time between the last day of slippery mucus and the next menstruation is 11-16 days, the cycle is probably fertile. Even if one cycle is not fertile, the next may well be fertile.

Pay close attention to nutrition. Look for natural foods grown without chemicals. Heal your relationships with family and mate. Exercise in moderation. Drink plenty of pure water. Pray for the child you desire.

For more information, and a sample chart for fertile type mucus, download the free Fertility Awareness book available on this site at If you keep a careful chart for a few cycles and send the charts to me at,  I will be glad to review your charts and make suggestions.


– Marie Zenack,

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Dietary Fats for Fertility

healthy oilsLow fat diets, especially vegetarian and vegan diets, although touted by the diet industry, are associated with infertility. A recent study showed that women on low fat diets were likely to be infertile, while women on high fat diets had no problem getting pregnant. – Weston A Price Foundation.

Of course, it depends on the kind of fat. Butter, olive oil, avocados, and coconut oil are among the best – the kinds of fats you and your baby need. Without these fats you will crave refined carbs, which rob your body and your baby’s body of nutrients.

Your brain – and your baby’s brain – are made of fat. One of the most important fats that makes up the brain is called aracadonic acid – an omega-6 fatty acid that is found only in animal fats, such as in butter, egg yolks, organ meats and meat fats. Popular authors have warned against eating butter, liver and other fatty foods. But they neglect to tell you that the brain is 11 percent arachidonic acid. This saturated fat is really critical for BRAIN FUNCTION. The best source is butter, followed by liver.

The other thing that arachidonic acid does is create tight cell-to-cell junctures, which are what make your gut impermeable so that allergenic proteins can’t get through to the bloodstream. Colic, autism, colitis, etc, are all associated with leaky gut.

It may also be interesting to note that replacing carbs with GOOD fats in your diet will cause you to LOSE weight!! While those carbs were creating an insulin imbalance in your body and causing you to crave more carbs, the fats will be providing a concentrated source of energy. They will slow down nutrient absorption so you can go longer without feeling hungry.

We also need fats as carriers for Vitamins A, D, E, and K, to convert carotene to vitamin A, and to absorb the minerals in our foods.

The low fat diet is the great for the food industry and for the fertility industry, but you and your baby are paying the price for it. For more information on the truthfully healthy diet, see the Weston A Price Foundation.



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Basal Body Temperature and Fertility

TemperatureThe body’s resting temperature increases four-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit or two-tenths of a degree Centigrade under the influence of progesterone at ovulation.

Observing this sign involves taking your temperature at the same time each morning before rising. (This is not as hard as it sounds. It takes less than two minutes and you can go back to sleep if you want.)

To observe your temperature rise, buy a BD brand digital basal thermometer. This brand will give you a consistent and accurate reading. Other high quality brands of digital basal thermometers are also probably accurate, but have not been tested for fertility awareness. Make sure the battery is good. (You can replace it.) An ordinary clinical thermometer is not accurate enough for fertility awareness. Nor is the “ear thermometer” (tympanic thermometer).

Take your temperature every day immediately upon waking, before 7:30 a.m. The body’s rhythms (circadian rhythms) fluctuate over a 24-hour period. Your temperature is lowest in the early morning and highest in the afternoon.Fluctuations are greater after 7:30 a.m. If you go to bed before midnight and wake up before 7:30 a.m., you will get the clearest temperature readings. If it is not convenient to take your temperature immediately upon waking, you may take it during light morning activity. For example, if you need to go to the bathroom, you may take your temperature while getting up and using the toilet. If you are consistently wakened by your baby, you may take your temperature while caring for your baby. But be consistent about the circumstances under which you take your temperature. If you take it during light morning activity, take it that way every morning. Don’t take it sometimes before getting up and at other times during light morning activity. If you have sexual relations, take your temperature before.

Many women find that the digital thermometers require such a short time to use that it is easy to take their temperature before getting up. Take your temperature by mouth. Under arm and ear temperatures are not accurate enough for family planning purposes. The thermometer will beep softly several times before beginning to beep slightly louder and repeatedly. Keep the thermometer under your tongue until the louder, repeated beeps begin.

You can read and chart your temperature as soon as is convenient after taking it.Your thermometer has a recall button that allows you to read the last temperature taken. Be sure to wash your thermometer after each use.

Charting Your Temperature

Put a dot on a graph on the spot corresponding to each day’s temperature. Join the dots of consecutive days. If you do not take your temperature one day, do not join the dots across that day. Also note the temperature numerically.

Interpreting Your Chart

1) Breathe and relax. Study your chart.

2) Can you find six low temperatures on or before Key Day? (If you do not know how to determine key day, you will have to read the article entitled Charting the Fertile Mucus to Avoid Pregnancy.)

3) Draw a horizontal line at the highest of the six low temperatures. This is your low temperature line. (See sample chart.)

4) Draw another horizontal line four-tenths of a degree F. or two-tenths of a degree C. above your low temperature line. This is your full thermal shift line.

5) Can you find three high temperatures after Key Day? All of the high temperatures must be above the low temperature line. At least the third high temperature must be at or above the full thermal shift line.

6) All the low temperatures must be on or before Key Day and all the high temperatures must be after Key Day. This temperature pattern of low and high temperatures is called a biphasic pattern with a full thermal shift.

A biphasic pattern with a full thermal shift confirms that you really did ovulate. If you are avoiding pregnancy, you may consider the ovum dead and yourself infertile the evening (after 6:00 p.m.) of the 4th high temperature day after Key Day. If you are achieving pregnancy, you can feel confident that you really are ovulating.

If your temperature does not rise four-tenths of a degree F. or two-tenths of a degree C. (or at least a smaller, but visible, rise) and stay there until the end of your cycle, it is called a monophasic pattern. A monophasic pattern indicates that you may not have ovulated. (Then again, you can’t be sure.)

A drop in temperature 10 – 15 days after a thermal shift indicates that menstruation is about to begin that day or within 48 hours. Probably that day. If your temperature stays high for 18 days or so after the high temperature begins, you are most likely pregnant. Congratulations.

For more information, and a sample chart for the basal body temperature, see the free download, Fertility Awareness, at www.knowyourfertility,net.

– Marie