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Dissolving Tumors with Castor Oil

The hardest thing about self healing may be the necessary switch of  allegiance from the medical establishment to natural remedies and our own intuition.  If you can, or have already, made that switch, you will learn to treasure the following simple, although messy, remedy that will protect your loved ones from tumors of all kinds.

Over the years I have seen this remedy work for myself, my friends, and my daughters.  It gives me peace of mind that it will be passed on to my grand daughters.

In Spanish, castor oil is called “The Hand of Christ.” Once you become familiar with it, you will understand why. So here is how to use a pack of castor oil to dissolve tumors:

It will be best if you take on the task of making and applying the castor oil pack for your loved one – at least the first time.

  1. Have your “client” sit or lie down comfortably.  Let’s say the tumor is on the breast.
  2. Make sure to have your client sit or lie on a towel or a water-proof sheet to protect your furniture. Also make sure they are wearing old clothes. Even though you are careful,  some of the castor oil will certainly escape to unintended places.
  3. Cut a piece of old towel large enough to cover the breast and the area around the breast – liver area, lymph tissue under arm, etc.
  4. Saturate the cloth with castor oil and heat the castor oil-soaked cloth on a skillet.  Turn it over with tongs until it is very warm but not enough to burn.  Feel it carefully. The cloth should be warm and soggy, but not dripping.
  5. Carefully lay the cloth over the tumor and surrounding area, being careful the temperature is comfortable for the client.
  6. Place a piece of plastic over the warm cloth. I usually cut up a plastic bag for this purpose.
  7. Over the plastic, place a heating pad. Over the  heating pad, place a thick towel to hold in the heat.
  8. Now, both of you relax, and have a cup of tea and chat, etc. You will want to keep the pack on the site for an hour. The new heating pads have a safety shut-off at 15 – 20 minutes. Therefore you will need to turn the heating pad off and on a few times to keep it warm/hot for the full hour.
  9. The above procedure should be repeated daily until the tumor is dissolved.  I have seen breast tumors dissolve in 10 days, and huge uterine fibroids shrink to half size in two months.
  10. Tips:  Frankincense essential oil is reputed to have tumor dissolving qualities, and so some women like to rub a drop of Frankincense oil on the tumor before beginning the castor oil pack treatment.
  11. According to herbalists, tumors indicate a lack of potassium.  Tell your client eat their greens! A green supplement is also a good idea – alfalfa or barley powder. Swanson’s has a concentrated coconut water that is a potassium supplement. It tastes pretty good when added to juice or regular coconut water.
  12. While chatting with your client, make sure you take care of any unanswered questions about her body.  Make sure she knows you love her.
  13. Thanks for being the Wise Woman in your family and community.


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